Who I Am

Well since you’re here, I should tell you about myself! If you’re familiar with the Myers Briggs Personality Test, I’m an INFJ (Intovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging). If that doesn’t tell you enough, then I’ll expand. I love learning about the world around me and having new experiences each day. I crave physical activity and jogging is one of the most peaceful activities I enjoy doing. I relish the quiet moments in life, but also look forward to the busy ones too. I love challenging myself to try new things, work on old things and not to forget all the things in between. I have an incredible husband who is my partner in everything I do and my family is the glue that helps keep all the pieces together!

Every blog seems to have a story and this one is no different. The idea for starting this blog came to me while reading a book, “The Element” by Sir Ken Robinson. In his book, he describes how an important part of “finding your element” is to share your ideas and collaborate with others. As I thought about my passions for cooking and photography, I thought “What a better way to do this than create a blog to share my passion and ideas with others!” I have always enjoyed making creations in the kitchen, but most often the only way I shared them was if someone else was in the kitchen with me. This blog is a way for me to share my thoughts and ideas with friends and family near and far, but most importantly to improve my talents for cooking and photography along the way.

I hope you enjoy!


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